Saturday, September 21, 2013

Great Weather + Pallets = Lots of Fun!

A new tray to help me transport my current reading
selection and cup of tea out to the garden.

I was finally able to get back to my workshop this weekend that's in the garage.  The weather here has been unbearably hot the past few weeks and it's kept me from doing any major woodworking in the garage. It's like a furnace in there when the temperature rises.  Thank goodness it doesn't happen too often here in San Diego.

Another tray (footed board) ~ This one is for wine for two!

So, today, after watching my son compete in his cross country meet, I came home and got to work.  I brewed a big pot of tea, turned on Pandora (the Mumford and Son's channel is awesome!) and I started the three S's: sawing, sanding and staining.

I made this to display this beautiful print 
my son and his girlfriend gave me for 
Mother's Day. 

I made all these from salvaged pallets.  I use  Minwax Wood Finish in Natural, followed by a coating of Howard's Feed and Wax.  If you've read my other posts, you know how much I love the Feed and Wax. Most of the boards are screwed together from the back using cross boards.  The one above, that I made to display a wonderful print from Andy and Isabel had cleats across the front that I nailed in place. I covered up the wire nails with upholstery tacks.  I love those tacks so much.  I use them for everything! I'll post some tutorials soon showing how I made each item. 

So that's my Saturday in a nutshell. How was your weather this weekend?  Did you get any special projects completed?  I'd love to hear about them.  I sure we're all in store for better weather as Fall is now upon us!

Have a great week!

~  Alison