Monday, January 14, 2013

A Little Bit of San Francisco.....

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I had almost given up on the project above, but I was persuaded not to by my son.  My oldest son, Andy, is moving back to his beloved city of San Francisco to start a new job.  I wanted to give him a small house warming gift for his new apartment so I worked on an inkjet transfer onto wood using one of the photos I had taken there during a past trip.  I was not happy at all with the way it was turning out, but he saw a "diamond in the rough".  I had abandoned the project and written it off as a "fail".  He took one look at it and could tell that it could become a beauty, something he would love to  have in his new place.   So, with the encouragement of  one of my biggest cheerleaders, a.k.a. Andy, I resumed the project and finished it up.  I'm happy to say, I have reports of it making the trip to San Francisco safely and it is now in its new home.  

Here are a couple of pictures of the transfer of the Golden Gate Bridge onto a reclaimed lumber board.  Andy, I hope you like it and and that you enjoy being able to see a bit of the bridge every single day....clouds or no clouds:)

Below is the inkjet printout I used as a transfer onto the wooden board.  I love the end result as it appears to be very aged and weathered.

One of the benefits of having adult children that live in amazing locations is that I get to visit them in their wonderful cities......I sure can't wait for my next visit to San Francisco!

I hope you all have some wonderful trips planned for 2013.  Be sure to take lots of pictures.  You never know what special treasures and creations those photos will become.......

~ Alison

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tuesday's Treasury List ~ One Day Late.........(my latest Etsy Treasury List)

'I Love My Border Collie!' by hartleyrowe

I had no idea there were so many Border Collie owners who loved their dog as much as I love mine! Here are some great creations honoring this wonderful breed. My dog's name is Jake. What's yours?

Border Collie Print Modern Dog Art - Yes I Herd You - PopDoggie
Border Collie Love Greeting Card - BluefinWorks
Dictionary Print: Wayfaring Border Collie , 8x10 Matted Print - TheLaughingCatStudio
Border Collie Brewery artwork original graphic illustration signed archival artists print giclee 12 x 12 - geministudio
Border Collie Art Print - Custom Name Print - 8x10 - HappyTailPrints
Border Collie Art Print of Original Watercolor Painting - 8x10 Dog Art - dogartstudio
The Border Collie - A Vintage Dictionary Paper Print - 8x10.5 - Dictionary Art Print on vintage dictionary book page of paper - VintageDictionaryArt
Love - Border Collie - TheArtofJeffHulligan
Border Collie Art Print of Original Watercolor Painting - 11x14 Dog Art - dogartstudio
Border Collie Magnet - I Dream of Sheep - Dog Magnet - PopDoggie
Border Collie Wine Company Company original illustration graphic artwork on 12 x 12 giclee print bar art - geministudio
Border Collie Dog Outsider Folk Art PRINT Todd Young MOON SWING - ToddYoungArt
Border Collie Resting Rubber Stamp - Triskelt
Border Collie Art Print Wall Decor Sit Stay Smile 5 x 7 Matted to fit Your 8 x 10 Frame - GoingPlaces2
Dog Notebook Journal Diary Sketch Book - Keep Calm and Hug Your Border Collie - Ivory - stevenjameskeathley
Border Collie cute dog art magnet - rubenacker

Treasury tool by StylishHome.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Starting a New Chapter......

There's a story here.....

There's a story behind the pages you see above.  I'm not sure what it is yet, but I look forward to reading it as the year progresses.  I may not be "reading" it in the literal sense. This journal I just completed will be journeying with my son back to Egypt, his new home following his recently completed study abroad semester there. I will most likely depend on my son's updates to Facebook, his blog, and other social media applications to keep me connected to him. But I will also imagine him writing in this journal each day in a place so far away.

This was my first attempt at bookbinding by hand and it will certainly not be my last.  I loved the process end.  I like the fact that I touched and shaped each of  these pages for my son.  Hopefully as he records his journal entries outlining his experiences in his new home and at his new career, it will bring him some comfort by reminding him we're here for him at all times.  He's a new college grad with an Anthropology degree and he is setting out to study, educate and serve the world!

These empty pages symbolize so much to all of us.  They represent an unwritten story of the future waiting to be told, the story of 2013, and beyond.  They will most likely reminisce of the past days of 2012 as well.  2012 has been an amazing year for all of us in so many ways.  All of our four children have reached major milestones in their personal lives and their careers ~ ranging from our oldest becoming a small business owner while still juggling the act of the corporate world, to our youngest getting his drivers license.  It's also been a year of discovery for me as I started the Hartley Rowe blog and opened my Etsy shop.  And, to anchor us all, 2012 has become the last full year my husband is a member of our beloved US Military.  We are looking toward his retirement from the Navy this summer and all the possibilities and challenges that come along when a lifelong member of the military (he was a Navy kid as well), tries to navigate his way in a civilian world.  2013 will be an exciting one for our family for sure!

So, here's to the beginning of stories...for my family and for yours ~ let's all keep reading to see how they out.

Thank you for stopping by today and thank you for a wonderful 2012 for the Hartley Rowe blog.

~ Alison

P.S. Keep an eye out for a future post with a tutorial on how I put the journal together.  If anyone out there has any tips for bookbinding, I would love to hear them.  By the end I was covered in glue and fearful it would all fall apart!!   Thank you!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year ~ Welcome 2013!

This is the first Tuesday of the year!!  Tuesday Treasury lists from Etsy are back ~ here's my first one of 2013......

'Happy New Year ~ Welcome 2013! ' by hartleyrowe

I love the beginning of every year. It's a time to start fresh and get organized. Welcome, 2013!

2013 calendar. hand drawn and illustrated. color. kraft paper. frameable. let's hope it's a good one. - katievaz
2013 Happy New Year Tag - Personalized DIY Printable Digital File - NHACreatives
INSTANT DOWNLOAD Printable 2013 Kiss Labels - bisonbleu
Good luck charm 2013, lucky 3'' hoop for New Year,New Year's decor - pitsispopis
Wall Calendar 2013 - black & white poster - FormbyStina
2013 calendar. hand drawn and illustrated. black and white. kraft paper. frameable. let's hope it's a good one. - katievaz
NEW LARGER SIZE: 2013 Diary with Decorative Paper Covers - HandMadeBooks
2013 Calendar Poster Wall Calendar - JustAnotherDay
2013 - greeting card - laurageorge
2013 New Years Resolutions notepad - wood mini notepad (3" x 2") - quotesandnotes
My Book of Dates - 2013 (Monthly) - mybookoflists
INSTANT DOWNLOAD 2013 2 Inch Round Printable Cupcake Toppers/Labels/Stickers or Table Confetti - bisonbleu
Mickey Mouse 2013 Happy New Year Applique Embroidery Design - StitchedPINK
I Rock 2013 Applique Embroidery Design (2 digital files) - shabbychicnow
PDF printable Calendar 2013 - cute animal illustrations - teconlene
2013 Bird Calendar - Pink - 11x17 - lauredesigns