Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday Treasury List ~ Fairwell to Cairo.....For Now

With Tuesday, comes another Tuesday Treasury List at Hartley Rowe. I found some amazing pictures and maps of Cairo, my son's latest destination. It was his home for four months, and may be again someday soon. Click on the links below to meet the amazing Etsy artists who created these beautiful pictures or to meet the curators of the vintage maps and prints. I love Etsy!

'Farewell to Cairo.....for now.' by hartleyrowe

My son is headed home from Cairo. He may be returning there to start his career.... or off to another global destination. Stay tuned to see what Treasury List my children's travels inspire me to create next!

Sunset Over the Rooftops in Central Cairo, Egypt - 1oh1oh1
Dawn in Old Cairo - HenrySchifterGallery
Vintage "The Great Nile Bridge" in Cairo, Egypt Real Photo Post Card - 307 - pecanhillantiques
1886 German Antique Engraving. The Mosque of Ibn Tulun, Cairo, Egypt - bananastrudel

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day, A Time for Remembrance and Thanks


The picture above is of a portrait of my uncle who served in World War II.  He gave the ultimate sacrifice in July 1945.  He was serving in the Pacific Campaign ~ and was so very close to being able to come home to be  reunited with his darling bride and young son.  

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pictures From My Garden


Three day weekends bring us the extra time to do special projects around the house.  This three day weekend did just that ~ a full day in the garden.  While I love having the extra day, I try very hard not to forget why we're having such a wonderful weekend.  I'll have a post to honor our brave service members of the military who have given the ultimate sacrifice, and those still serving, on Memorial Day.

For today's post, I thought I would post  a few pictures that I took on this glorious day here in sunny San Diego...from my very own backyard.  I thought I would have some fun and show some more of the wonderful tools Picasa 3 has to offer.  Take a look at the before and after photos below.  I've also added the Picasa 3 tool that was used to edit each one.  If you have any questions about the program or want to read more, you can check out my earlier post, Picasa 3, Meet San Francisco.



 For the picture above, I chose the "Vignette" tool. 

The tool above was the "Focal Zoom"

The tool used for this picture is "Holga-ish".  I love the vintage feel it gives to the setting.


   The tool used for the jasmine picture above is "Boost". I like      how it clarifies the petals and leaves.

This fun tool is called "Pencil Sketch"!


I used two tools for the picture above.  First I added text with the "text" tool. 
Then I applied the "Boost" feature.  My husband and I thought this little succulent looked like
an alien calling out for help :)


For the beautiful rose above, I added the "Focal Black & White" 
tool as well as the "Glow" feature.
I love it!


        The tool above is the "Polaroid" tool.  You can even choose your background color!

For the roses here, I used the "Lomo-ish" tool.  It's another
vintage inspired feature.


The lighting was very poor for the picture of the perfect peach above.  I used the "1960's" tool first, 
followed by the "Cross Process" feature.  I think it sharpened the picture and brought it into
focus.  Now the perfect peach looks ripe enough for tonight's dessert :)

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of our garden.  They were made even better by the addition of all the great Picasa 3 tools.  If you've read many of my posts you know I'm a Google nut.  Picasa 3 is just one of the reasons why I love Google so much!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

~ Alison

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday's Treasury List ~ Headed to Norway!

It seems I keep living vicariously through my children's travels. I am so happy they have opportunities to see the world and to work in amazing, faraway places. I just miss them so darn much! For today's Treasury List, I've chosen Etsy creations with the common them of Norway. My son is growing to love this beautiful country. I can certainly understand why. Have you ever been to Norway? Was it as beautiful as these creations lead us to believe? I hope you enjoy this Treasury and the thoughts of traveling to faraway places....

'Headed to Norway!' by hartleyrowe

It seems all my Treasury Lists lately have had to do with travels to faraway places. This week I've chosen Norway because my son is there now visiting his girlfriend before he continues on to Cairo (next week's Tuesday Treasury?).

Vintage Postcard Collection- Steampunk Time Traveller- Oslo City Hall - VintageUpcycled
Oslo Norway Art Print - 8x10 World Traveler Series Pop Art Skyline Poster - Available in 56 Colors - NO025 - PineShore
Vintage STAVANGERFLINT NORWAY OSLO Hand Painted Silk Screen Plate - Inger Waage - junksavant
Vintage 1929 Giants of the Earth Norwegian Book - MuddyRiverAntiques

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday's Treasury List - A Farewell to Madrid

I found these beautiful Madrid creations while "window shopping" at Etsy.com. I thought I would create this treasury list in celebration of our daughter's homecoming from studying abroad. She loved Madrid!

'A Farewell to Madrid' by hartleyrowe

My daughter is heading home on Thursday. She's saying goodbye to Madrid, Spain, her home for the past four months. She made great friends and had great adventures as she studied abroad. I'm so happy she had this experience....

Madrid Sky Fine Art Photo 8x12 - MatmePhoto
Madrid, Spain 12" x 9" print from original watercolor painting - AndreVoyy
Terracotta Rooftops Cityscape Madrid, Spain -Fine Art Watercolor Print - brookeoconnell
Vintage Travel Poster of Madrid circa 1925 with Flappers - Giclee Re-Print - RosiesVintagePrints
Madrid Skyline Art - Spain City Skyline Series Poster - Madrid, Spain - VERSION 2 - BugsyAndSprite
Madrid - Poster A3 Illustration Version2 - andrerochadesign
Madrid, Spain - bonniesbeauties
8x10 MAP of MADRID Spain with a Heart Shape with a Grunge Vintage Border - 8x10 Photograph - EliteImage
Madrid Spain Poster City Skyline - Retiro Park Art Print - 8 x 10 Choose Your Color - DBArtist
Madrid - Spain.  Decoration print stylized for post card. 8"x10" print. - truecolorprints
Puerta del Sol, Madrid, Spain 8x10 Print- Travel Photography - aroundin80frames
Postcard madrid night full moon card madrid - MiPetitMadrid
Graffiti Alleyway Madrid Spain Photo Art Print Grunge Balcony Apartment - 8 x 12 - CharlenePrecious
Madrid Spain - Vintage Map Pendant in Handmade Sterling Setting - AnneHolman
Food Photography - "Madrid Still Life I" 11x14 Print of Wine and Food Scene - GregsFineArt
Cigar In Madrid. 4x6 Photograph. Professionally Printed. - JSellersPhotography

Treasury tool by StylishHome.