Monday, October 14, 2013

Odds and Ends = Sean's New Shaving Stand

My son recently invested a small fortune in a handmade shaving brush and razor.  He was explaining that he needed a stand for the brush so it would dry properly.  He's been leaning the brush against a tub of shaving soap.  I looked up some images on Google of handmade shaving stands and found some that looked handmade, but were over $100 and most certainly not handmade.  So....we put our thinking caps on and came up with a design using odds and ends from my workshop.  This is what we got!

I had to take the stand outside for proper lighting for our photographs.  My camera is an old one and it desperately needs natural lighting.  Please excuse the shadows of yours truly as I shot the photos.

We used two strips of reclaimed lumber that I ripped off of larger boards.  When they were ripped off, they had a perfect beveled edge.  I kept them, thinking I may be able to use them for a project ~ this was it!  I was so excited to find a use for them.  The base is a 1 x 4 and the middle support is a leftover section of a 2 x 4.  All of the lumber is either reclaimed or culled from the Home Depot cast off bin.  

Sean decided to keep everything rustic and simple.  All cuts were made by hand using my trusty hacksaw and all the pieces were sanded by hand.  Sean showed great patience in prepping the pieces...I was ready to get the palm sander out, but he chose to do it all by hand.  In the end, he didn't even stain it.  It has a coat of beeswax to protect the wood and to give it a warm glow.  I told Sean he should probably finish the base with a coat of marine varnish...he hasn't done that yet, but will probably take care of that soon.

I think it turned out great!  It's so simple and useful.  I love pieces that have been created from recycled materials, especially pieces that now serve a very useful purpose.  I hope Sean likes it and that someday down the road it brings back memories of us working on it together :)

I hope you have a great DIY day!

~ Alison