Friday, July 25, 2014

Farewell to an Old Friend

This week has been a very emotional week.  We said good-bye to a dear friend, our 2004 Subaru Impreza.  I honestly thought we would keep this car forever.  It had become a trusted member of the family. We had the Subaru, "Subie" as we lovingly named it, for over 11 years.  It was the first car our oldest son drove when he got his license in Virginia.  We had decided it would become the "kid" car, seeing each one of our four kiddos through their early driving years.  Our youngest  graduated high school in June, and will be going off to college next month,  and it really made no sense to keep four cars around as my husband and I become empty-nesters.

Monday, July 7, 2014

From Fence Board to Jewelry Organizer

I've taken a break from creating from pallets because I stumbled upon a stack of great salvaged fence boards at our local lumber yard.  I love these because they are a bit wider than a board from a recycled pallet.  Don't get me wrong, I still love working with pallets, but I thought a shift from my usual source of recycled lumber may be fun.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Day at the DMV ~ You Never Know Who You Will Meet

I Love the DMV

It seems that with modern technology and all it can do for us, we have been able to move on from the regular mundane tasks that we used to consider a way of life.  One of those tasks for me was the annual trip to the DMV.  But now, with online registration and electronic submittal of smog certifications, there really isn't a need to actually go stand in line any longer...or so I thought.  Yesterday, I spent four hours either standing in line or sitting on the sidewalk saving my place beside someone who is probably the most interesting person I've ever come in contact with.  She definitely ranks in my top five.

This post isn't really about the DMV or why I had to take half my day to go there, nor is it about the person I met and her reason for being there.  We both had out of the ordinary situations; I realize now how lucky I am to have had a reason to be there. This post is a reminder that we never know what, or who, may be put in our paths. We can only be so lucky that it may be someone or something that speaks to us on a level we never knew was there.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

A New Jewelry Organizer ~ Yes, Pallets Again!

Oh boy, I discovered another use for recycled pallets!  I love creating works of art that can be useful and, in turn, allow other items' beauty to be displayed.  I don't have as much jewelry as most gals, I have a specific allergy to precious metals.  My husband would love to buy me more jewels, but he just can't because the good stuff turns me green ~ poor guy.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Today's Tuesday Treasury List ~ Blues and Grays

Here's today's Tuesday Treasury List. I am constantly amazed at the talent found on Etsy. I love being a part of such an exciting community.

'Jewelry - Blues and Grays' by hartleyrowe

I'm working on a custom order for a customer who requested two jewelry organizers in blue and gray. I love the combination myself, so I thought I would look for some great pieces of jewelry on Etsy in the same color scheme.

Blue and gray swirl handmade necklace - fancyleafdesigns
Small Light Blue and Gray Cluster Vintage Button Jewelry Pendant Necklace - buttonsoupjewelry
Leather Wrap Bohemian Bracelet Gray Leather Fall Fashion Jewelry Boho Style Double Wrap Brass White Blue Denim Silver Sea Anemone Beach - AbacusBeadCreations
Of blue and gray bracelet � stylish sterling silver jewelry with natural gemstones: labradorite and aquamarine - EmiliaJezior

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesday's Treasury List ~ Why I Chose Penguins!

Here's another one of Hartley Rowe's Tuesday Treasury Lists from some really great Etsy Shops...Enjoy!

'Penguins and Antarctica' by hartleyrowe

This week at work in our school library, we're reading books about and doing research on Antarctica and its animals. I thought I would look and see what I could find in some great Etsy Shops.

Life in the Antarctica Vintage Origianl Print Number 751 - iowajewel
Antarctica Series - Set of 6 Cards - FREE Shipping - NicheNotecards
Print of Paper Collage Art Penguin Art Antarctica Map Art Arctic Iceberg - dadadreams
Curiosity, penguins, Antarctica, Nature Photography, Fine Art Photography, Home Decor - SummitsPhotography

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

Made from Scratch: Discovering the Pleasures of a Handmade Life
My current read....Happy New Year to Me!

It's been quite some  time since my last post.  As the year came to a close, my list of to-do's multiplied exponentially!  My life was like a roller coaster out of control and it affected every second of my waking hours.  My husband and kiddos can attest to that and to the fact that my busyness affected every second of their waking hours too.  Of course, all the items on that to-do list were not all self imposed, but they made it to the list nonetheless.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday's Treasury List ~ Kitchen Tables

This week's Tuesday Treasury List is all about kitchen tables ~ the most important piece of furniture in a home.

'Kitchen Tables' by hartleyrowe

My kitchen table is my favorite piece in our house. Ever since our children were small, we've always shared our evening meal together around this table. I found some great tables here on Etsy, hopefully they will become someone's favorite piece.

Barn style kitchen table - alabamawoodworks
Farm house kitchen table, distressed chippy paint, decoupaged tabletop...boho chic NEW PRICE!! - yesteryeardecor
Colorado Beetle Kitchen Table With Benches 53" wide x 28" wide x 30" high  - RMRWoods
Reclaimed White Oak Bar Height Dining Table or Desk With Industrial Pipe Legs - Free Shipping & Lifetime Warranty - Salvaged Barn Wood - DendroCo

Bunk Bed Ladder Turned Outdoor Planter


One of the greatest things about having adult children is that they tend to use your garage as a storage facility.  Well, my husband wouldn't consider that one of the greatest things, he loves his children dearly but grimaces every time they move out of an apartment or dorm room.  He knows our garage will be filled again with extra bed frames, tables and boxes of unknown goodies.  I, on the other hand, welcome all the new (or should I say old and second hand) treasures.  Now, just to be fair, I always ask the kiddos if I can saw, sand or rip apart their belongings before I start my transformations.  They usually say yes, after all their father and I purchased most of what returns to the garage.  So, when I asked my almost college grad daughter if I could have the ladder to her former loft bed, after looking at me like I was crazy, she said yes!