Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our New Patio Table

I promised to post an entry showing what I created out of all those materials in my blog post on June 9. Here's a link to that post, Guess What I've Been Up To.....Another DIY Project for Sure!

So, here goes ~ the finished product, our new dining table for our garden.

The key to the assembly is the sawhorse bracket set pictured below.  I used two pairs of brackets, 2 x 4's and 1 x 6's.  The top was made with the planks and anchored underneath to additional 1 x 6's.  The braces across the top of the brackets were made from pallet support boards.  You can see the pallet notch cut out on the sides.  I made sure the pallets I used to "steal" the supports from were not chemically treated.  I then sanded them with abandon to make them good as new.

The trickiest part was making sure the angles of the sawhorse legs were equal and that they were level.  Several adjustments had to be made in securing the brackets to the legs.  I was very happy to see that bubble in the level smack dab in the middle!!

Here are a few more pictures from different viewpoints.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  This turned out to be such an easy project.  The most time consuming part was the sanding of the boards....but I love that part, so that was okay with me!


What projects do you have planned this summer?  This one was just the tip of the iceberg for me.....I'll keep you posted on my progress.

~ Alison

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