Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Surprise Revealed!

As promised, here's a picture of the surprise I created for my son for his birthday. It took me a little longer to post this picture because the postal system didn't deliver the package on time ~ and I didn't want to spoil the surprise with a picture (my son actually reads my blog:). I rushed to include some homemade snicker doodles and to send them via next day express....four days later, stale cookies included, he finally received his present.

The two pictures my son is holding above are of two state flags. One is from South Carolina, my son's birthplace, and the other is California's state flag. My son is proud of his Southern roots, while loving the fact that he is now a Californian. We moved here when he was 16 and he has fallen in love with the Golden State, now living and working in San Francisco.

I made the stretched canvas transfers by printing my creations of vintage flags on fabric in black and white and then adhering them to the stretched canvases with Mod Podge. I used the flags' colors to paint the borders. You can see the paint colors in my previous post here.  I love doing these transfers and even have some featured in my Etsy shop, Hartley Rowe. Please let me know if you have any questions about how I make them or would like to see more.

I hope my son likes his new creations. He has quite a collection of Mom-creations. I can't wait to add more.....

~ Alison

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pitchers and Catchers! ~ Tuesday's Treasury List

Take a look at some great Etsy creations ~ I love creating Treasury's a great form of "window shopping".

'Pitchers and Catchers!' by hartleyrowe

My husband loves baseball!! He's so excited that pitchers and catchers report for training this week. We've spent the weekend watching favorite baseball movies...last night's feature ~ "Field of Dreams". Enjoy a little warm-up to baseball season.

vintage baseball pitcher -  printed on page from old dictionary - FauxKiss
Baseball Catcher Metal Wall Art Sports Decor - sayitallonthewall
SALE:  Silhouette of Baseball Pitcher at Sunset - Orange - Yellow - Sports Photography - Action - 8X10 - Art Photograph Print (Other sizes) - JoshFriedmanPhoto
Photography Print... 5x7 Baseball Game At Bat "The Pitch" - JoyfulCreationsArt
BASEBALL PITCHER Pitching Draws Back SPORTS Digital Collage Sheet Download Burlap Fabric Transfer Iron On Pillows Totes Tea Towels No 3866 - Graphique
Vintage Baseball in Catchers Mit 11x14 print, Boys Room decor, Boys Nursery Ideas, Sports art, Sport Prints, Man Cave - shawnstpeter
Bob Feller, Circa 1941 - MikeMillerArt
Notecard original watercolor and graphite of baseball catcher. Sports Art. Blank inside with matching envelope. Baseball lovers. - KathyRennellForbes
8x10 KEEP CALM and Pitch Hard Baseball Print in a modern twist to the British UK Royal Propaganda Poster - 8x10 Print - EliteImage
Great Catchers of the Major Leagues, Vintage hard cover Baseball Book, Yogi Berra, Joe Torre, Bill Dickey, Gift For Him, CHRISTMAS - PicksFromThePast
Follow Threw, Baseball art, wood panel, relief carving, hand made, sports - plyart
BASEBALL CATCHER Text SIGNALS Pitcher Sports Digital Collage Sheet Download Burlap Fabric Transfer Iron On Pillows Totes Tea Towels No. 3870 - Graphique
Walter Johnson - Washington Senators - 25 x 15 inch Baseball Card Print - Pacific Coast League - OffTheHookInMyNook
Claude Berry - Baseball Card Print - 24 x 15 inches - San Francisco Seals - PCL - 1910 - OffTheHookInMyNook
Bull Durham - Baseball Card Print - New York Giants - 13.5 x 8 inch Print Vintage 1909 - OffTheHookInMyNook
Pitcher & Catcher...1940's Vintage Photo - Lovalon

Friday, February 8, 2013

It's a Surprise!

I finally got back to my workshop today.  It's been almost a month since I last worked on a new creation.  I can't post a picture of my creations yet.....they're a surprise. I did, however, post a clue in the picture below. 

The reason the creations are a surprise is that I'm going to give them to our son for his 26th birthday.  My kids are usually my guinea pigs for my  new creations.  With three of the four being adults now, and always looking for accessories for their own homes, I love helping them decorate.  They know that in addition to all the fun stuff they receive for their birthdays, they usually always get a mom-creation.  It's usually pretty evident these first editions are in need of improvement.  And, I usually do find ways to spiffy them up before they go in my Etsy Shop.  But, I like to think that the kids all have creations I've made with each of them in mind.  There's always a story behind each gift.  

I'll post another picture soon.  The birthday boy celebrates his birthday soon.  Hopefully the mail man will deliver his package on time!  Happy Birthday, Andy, I love you!!

~ Alison (aka Mom)