Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday Treasury List ~ Fairwell to Cairo.....For Now

With Tuesday, comes another Tuesday Treasury List at Hartley Rowe. I found some amazing pictures and maps of Cairo, my son's latest destination. It was his home for four months, and may be again someday soon. Click on the links below to meet the amazing Etsy artists who created these beautiful pictures or to meet the curators of the vintage maps and prints. I love Etsy!

'Farewell to Cairo.....for now.' by hartleyrowe

My son is headed home from Cairo. He may be returning there to start his career.... or off to another global destination. Stay tuned to see what Treasury List my children's travels inspire me to create next!

Sunset Over the Rooftops in Central Cairo, Egypt - 1oh1oh1
Dawn in Old Cairo - HenrySchifterGallery
Vintage "The Great Nile Bridge" in Cairo, Egypt Real Photo Post Card - 307 - pecanhillantiques
1886 German Antique Engraving. The Mosque of Ibn Tulun, Cairo, Egypt - bananastrudel

Cairo Cat 8X10 Photo - RespiteImages
1890 Original Antique Map of Cairo and its Surroundings, the Pyramids, Sakkara, Memphis, Egypt - CabinetOfTreasures
1895 German Antique Map of the Environs of Cairo, Egypt - bananastrudel
Imagined Egypt - Dreamy look at life in Cairo - ImaginedART
Cairo markets, Egypt 1957, vintage color photo from original kodak slide - PapasVintagePhotoBox
1908 Antique Map of Cairo and Pyramids, Locations of the Pyramids, Egypt, Nile River, Saqqara, Giza Necropolis - Craftissimo
1904 Original Antique Dated Map of Cairo and the Pyramids, Sakkara, Memphis, Egypt - CabinetOfTreasures
Egyptian Yellow, Photograph, Cairo, Egypt, Fine Art Photography, 11x14 - StephanieLisaPhotos
Outside the Giza Plateau. Cairo, Egypt 8 x 10 - 123fish
Antique Postcard - Cairo - Temple of Mena Sphinx and Pyramids - thevintagemode
Cairo - glimpsesofthepast
1897 Antique Desert Landscapes Print, Giza Pyramids, Wadi Faran, Saudi Arabia, Wadi Taifeh, Cairo, Desert Views, German Lithograph - Craftissimo