Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day, A Time for Remembrance and Thanks


The picture above is of a portrait of my uncle who served in World War II.  He gave the ultimate sacrifice in July 1945.  He was serving in the Pacific Campaign ~ and was so very close to being able to come home to be  reunited with his darling bride and young son.  

Memorial Day has always been special to our family.  We've had so many who have served ~ but only one who didn't make it home.  The story of my aunt and uncle's life together is one of courage and true love.  My aunt never remarried, and kept the spirit of her husband alive for their son and for all of us.  Uncle Woody died 20 years before I was born, and yet I feel like I knew him very well. My aunt is still living independently the age of 92.  She has been an inspiration and role model to me my entire life.  She is proud of her husband's service in the Navy and to our Nation and is proud of the Navy wife she was and the legacy her husband left.  There is no truer patriot than she. She has taught me so many lessons in life, but the one I treasure most is the love of family and country.

Below is another picture of my uncle that I transferred onto canvas.  You can click on the photo
to read the blog post, A Vintage Love.  ~   It's one of our most treasured photos. 

This picture was taken of my aunt and uncle and their son, during their last visit together
at NAS Jacksonville, FL, just prior to my uncle's deployment.

I am now a Navy wife and have been for 26 years.  Thankfully, my husband has returned safely from every deployment and flight mission.  I'm so proud of his service to our nation and for all the sacrifices he has made over the years.  Together he and I remember and are thankful for all of those who have served and who have  not been able to return to their families and their grateful nation.

Please take the time to remember all those fallen heroes today ~

Happy Memorial Day,

~ Alison 

Pictured here with my hero ~ my husband.