Friday, February 8, 2013

It's a Surprise!

I finally got back to my workshop today.  It's been almost a month since I last worked on a new creation.  I can't post a picture of my creations yet.....they're a surprise. I did, however, post a clue in the picture below. 

The reason the creations are a surprise is that I'm going to give them to our son for his 26th birthday.  My kids are usually my guinea pigs for my  new creations.  With three of the four being adults now, and always looking for accessories for their own homes, I love helping them decorate.  They know that in addition to all the fun stuff they receive for their birthdays, they usually always get a mom-creation.  It's usually pretty evident these first editions are in need of improvement.  And, I usually do find ways to spiffy them up before they go in my Etsy Shop.  But, I like to think that the kids all have creations I've made with each of them in mind.  There's always a story behind each gift.  

I'll post another picture soon.  The birthday boy celebrates his birthday soon.  Hopefully the mail man will deliver his package on time!  Happy Birthday, Andy, I love you!!

~ Alison (aka Mom)