Monday, June 18, 2012

Three Weeks To Go.....

Here I am three weeks out from Hartley Rowe's Etsy shop opening and I feel I may become a bit behind schedule.  I have been waiting for this  week to arrive with great anticipation.  My last day of work at school was last Wednesday.  I drove to pick up  my daughter from her university last Thursday.  Friday was spent preparing for Fathers Day weekend (which was wonderful by the way), and now I'm sick, ugh!  So I am posting this as I sit outside in the healing sunshine eating a bowl of oatmeal with fresh blueberries.  Hopefully it will be a miracle cure for this nasty bug that has descended upon me.

This week was supposed to be the "hit the ground running" week.  One where I would check off all my final preparations for the shop and be proud to know that I am ahead of schedule.  I may have to make an adjustment here and there, and ask for more help than I had anticipated.  By the way, I hate asking for help.  Why is that?  I have no idea.

I am still going to try to get all those "to-do's" checked off my list.  It is quite a long list......set up work table in dining room turned work room, organize "my side"of the garage, buy a new miter saw, stock up on supplies, turn the coat closet into a mini-workshop, arrange for my business license and new business bank account, and try to do it all without feeling overwhelmed.  I must admit, it is nice to know I have extra helpers home from college.  They will be invaluable this week.  I hope they are reading this.  I love you guys!

So, think of me this week and send positive thoughts that the to-do list gets done.   I am determined to stay on track and have lots of great things to list in the shop on July 8!

Also, keep an eye on the blog.  I am going to start posting recollections of all the things we've done over the past 25 years to make the many houses we have lived in our home.  The first post will probably be how my oldest, then two ~ now 25, and I turned an old box into the play kitchen of a lifetime!!  It was so much fun.

Here is hoping you all get your to-do lists done this week!