Monday, April 15, 2013

I Love Shutters!


I start so many of my sentences by saying "I love .....".  Just fill in the blanks with various items.  Truth is, I love so many things, especially those things that have had a long, useful life and just need a little nudge, or some elbow grease, to make them wonderful again!

My current obsession....other than pallets at the shutters ~ any shape, any size.  They can be turned into so many useful and beautiful creations.  I've been using them a lot to make jewelry organizers and memo boards. I've posted a few pictures here for you to take a look. 

Below is the beginning of the process with a brand new(old) shutter I found at one of our local flea markets.  I love flea markets, too!  I always scrub and sand away any rough edges on the shutters as you can see below.  In order for the shutter to hand flush against the wall, I tack on some fir strips to the back after nailing the louvre bar in place.  On this creation, I painted to added wood black.

You can see a picture below of the back of the shutter after the saw tooth hanger is attached.
Below is the finished product! It's also pictured above.   I added some knobs that I got from Habitat for Humanity Resale Store and voila, a new jewelry holder!
Jewelry Holder - Reclaimed Shutter - Re-purposed Shutter - Wooden Peg Rack - Salvaged Hardware Peg Rack

So, what do you think?  Do you have any projects to share using shutters?  I'd love to see them.  Please leave a comment with a link below.

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Alison

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