Saturday, October 27, 2012

Memories Framed.....

My family says that I love all things vintage. This is true, but I especially love all things vintage if they have a family connection. I've been on a quest this year to try to display, while preserving, some of the old photographs I have of family members. There are so many of my parents, grandparents, and even my great-grandparents. I want to display more of them so my children will be able to feel a connection to the faces in those photographs.

I set out one day to try to find an old vintage frame that I could turn into a bulletin board.  I found the perfect frame at a thrift shop during and afternoon of thrifting with my husband. It cost $3.00! Here's a picture of the frame before I sanded and re-painted it.

It was really a very easy project.  The finish was in decent shape, it just needed to be cleaned up a bit.  Then,  of course, I  had to paint it.  I paint most all things I find I thrift stores and flea markets.  My rule of thumb is if it's a family heirloom, I never paint it.  I want to maintain the same patina that has been with the piece throughout the years.  However, if the piece is "new to me", but still vintage, I love to add a new and fresh finish if needed.  So, the frame got a coat of black paint, followed by a generous sanding, to make sure it looked old again. (My husband just shakes his head when I do this.)

Here's the bulletin board all finished.  I had the fabric, batting and ribbon on hand, and stopped by Michael's to pick up a piece of form core to use as the base.

The pictures displayed are of my grandparents cooking in the kitchen along with a handwritten recipe from my grandmother.  There is also a picture of my mother with my aunt and  uncle.  The two pictures at the bottom are of my grandfather in World War I in France and my uncle in World War II.  I've blogged about my uncle and aunt in "A Vintage Love"  here before.  Click the title if you'd like to read it again.

I love the end result.  We have it displayed in a small hallway off our foyer that leads to our son's bedroom/guestroom and bath.  There are no windows at all, so I can be assured our photographs aren't being exposed to sunlight.  

I have plans to make another bulletin board like this again soon.  Goodness knows I need several to display all the family photos and papers we have.  There just never seems to be enough hours in a day.........