Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Suburban Rebel

I  broke a rule today, knowingly.  I have done the same thing day after day knowing it was against the rules and regulations of the neighborhood in which I live.  Can you guess what I have been doing so recklessly?
I have been hanging our laundry outside to dry.  That's it, I confess.  I think this makes me somewhat of a suburban rebel.

Those who know me, probably wouldn't describe me as a rebel or a rule breaker.  Actually, I am usually  a "by the book" sort of person.  I love to follow directions, instructions and rules.  However, the code in the homeowners association of our neighborhood that prohibits laundry hanging outside does not sit well with me.  So, out the laundry goes every time I get a chance.  Saving electricity in the heat of the summer just makes sense, not to mention the fact there is nothing sweeter than folding fresh line-dried laundry.

I live in an area where the humidity is low and the sun shines brightly almost every single day.  Those conditions, added to the fact that we always have a very slight, gentle ocean breeze makes drying our laundry outside heavenly.  I admit, there have been locations we have lived that have  made it difficult to dry an entire load of laundry outside.  Humidity levels of 95% and daily afternoon thunderstorms made trying to dry a load of laundry like drying a wet towel in a sauna.  It just didn't work. So, I gave up.  But here in Southern California, the conditions are perfect!

Growing up, I remember watching my best friend's mother hang their laundry out on the line every single day.   It was a comforting constant.  I would look up the hill toward their house and see their white sheets and towels blowing in the wind.  All was right with the world; and, if I was lucky, I would be able to make it up the hill just in time to help bring  in the armful of fresh, mountain scented laundry.  Life was good.

So, back to reality.  Hopefully I will not receive a nastygram from the homeowners association.  I promise to be discreet and chose only "presentable" laundry to expose to all the neighbors who may happen to peer through our fence boards to see that I am only exposing them to our linens, shirts, shorts and jeans.  Everything else, sadly, still goes in the dryer.   I do want to try to be a good resident. After all, I don't think anything I do can compare to our neighbors who have rebelled in a much bigger way .....they have chickens!