Thursday, June 28, 2012

Here's the Sneak Peek I Promised

We have this book in our library at school titled, Whose Skin Is This?  It is a great book for our primary students.  On one page, you see a skin of a particular animal and after trying to determine what animal the skin belongs to, you turn the page to see the animal revealed. My students love it.  I use it during group time and we have loads of fun.  Here is a look at the book.
Whose Skin Is This?: A Look at Animal Skin-Scaly, Furry, and Prickly (Whose Is It?)

I thought this would be a great way to introduce the sneak peek of the items that will be in the Etsy shop I have been telling you about.  The two pictures posted below are small segments from photographs I've taken around town.  The images are being used to make something special for your home.  I hope you enjoy trying to figure out where the image came from and how it is being transformed into that special piece just for you.

Please leave a comment if you think you may know either what I have in store for the images, or if you know where the pictures were taken.

Have a great day, everyone!