Sunday, November 3, 2013

Just a Spoonful of Black Paint Makes the Bar Stool Stand Out....

I've had the tune to  "Just A Spoonful of Sugar Makes the Medicine Go Down" in my head for a couple of days.  Now it's even affecting the titles of my DIY projects and blog posts!  However, it does help to introduce the fact that just a tiny bit of paint can transform almost anything, especially bar stools.
We've had these standard honey-pine finished bar stools in our kitchen for over a year now.  They've been bugging me to no end.  They actually blended in to our island and were hardly noticeable at all.  I have been trying to figure out what to do with them.  Should I sand and repaint with a shiny enamel, should I use milk paint, should I use chalk many choices! I finally decided on my favorite painting technique...chalk-style paint.  I have to call it chalk-style, because it's not the world famous Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  Which, by the way is the best on the market in my opinion.  It's just that it's fairly expensive and I didn't have any on hand for the bar stools.  So I mixed up my homemade version by adding a tablespoon or two of non-sanded grout to some black latex paint.  I usually use flat, but all I had on hand was eggshell, it seemed to work just fine.  I added a bit of water to blend it properly and then went to work painting.

I think they turned out great.  It took two coats to cover them because I didn't take the time to sand down the bar stools.  The existing finish was pretty glossy.  When they were completely dry, I distressed them a bit and then finished them off with my favorite finishing product, Howard's Feed n Wax.  I love that stuff!

So, have you had any tunes in your head that just won't go away?  Try to turn them into a DIY project and check that long overdue item off your list.

~ Alison