Sunday, June 3, 2012


Welcome to my blog!  The blog title, Hartley Rowe, is a tribute to both of my parents, Mary Jane Rowe and Jack Hartley.  They were married in 1957, and raised their family in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.  I was the baby, Alison Rowe Hartley.

This blog is an online journal and scrapbook, past and present. I love technology and how it enables us to stay connected to one another.  I’m constantly exploring new systems and applications; yes, I am a computer geek.

However, I also feel we desperately need to hold on to yesterday. I believe it is important that my children have a sense of their parents' and grandparents' beginnings by preserving family documents, photographs, and heirlooms.  I also love to visit flea markets and antique stores to add to our collection of all things vintage, and to make creations that have a sense of timelessness.

I am about to take the leap.  
My dear husband of over 25 years and my four wonderful children have been encouraging me to start my own business. With advances in technology (which you know I love) and online marketing, I plan to open my own Etsy shop to share with you some of the many items I've made and collected.  I can't stop creating or treasure hunting, and we are running out of room.  

Now that three of the four children have left the nest and my husband is looking toward retirement from his military career, I feel it is time to start this adventure. While I will never leave my day job as a part-time elementary school librarian, I am excited to begin the life of an entrepreneur. The shop is set to open on July 8th, which would have been my father's 84th birthday. It is a way to honor the most creative soul I've ever known. So, welcome to the blog and enjoy my musings. I would love to hear any comments you may have.